SUST 3017 Environmental Justice

SUST 3017 Environmental Justice

“Throughout the entirety of the class, voices and perspectives often dismissed by mainstream academia who are most affected by the consequences of environmental injustice were highlighted through assigned readings, stories, films, audio, and community dialogue.”

-Student testimonial

SUST3017 Environmental Justice is only offered in the Spring semester. In Spring 2022, it was taught on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:45-11am by Michelle Garvey.

SUST3017 is one of the elective courses for the Sustainability Studies minor. The course focuses on understanding the interconnections between health, economic, and environmental disparities as it applies to environmental justice. Students will be asked to synthesize multiple disciplinary perspectives, participate in small group activities, service learning, and digital mapping while finding ways that they can take action for sustainability. The course includes a field trip including a bike tour!

Watch the video below for student’s perspective on the course.