SUST 4004 Sustainable Communities

SUST 4004 Sustainable Communities

“SUST 4004 was a great opportunity for me to put my skills and knowledge of sustainability into action. Most of the time we just learn about environmental issues, but in this class, we got the chance to take action through our group project, which was an incredibly valuable experience.”

-Student testimonial

SUST 4004 Sustainable Communities is offered each Fall and Spring semester.

The Spring 2023 instructor and course time/date will be announced soon.

SUST 4004 is the required capstone course for the Sustainability Studies Minor. Students will learn public processes and metrics, engage with community members, and make a tangible difference in the Twin Cities Metro Area with their class projects. This multidisciplinary class will prepare students to be changemakers now and in the future.

In Fall 2020, the course focused on the intersection of sustainability and environmental justice, particularly within the context of Lake Street and the summer’s uprisings. Students had the opportunity to engage with community leaders such as Ruhel Islam, owner of Gandhi Mahal restaurant.

Below are some photos from SUST4004 student project presentations.