Fall 2021 Workshop

Energy & Equity in the Twin Cities Workshop

Part of the Minnesota’s Clean Energy Future Series

In October and November 2021, the Institute on the Environment and Robert J. Jones Urban Research and Outreach-Engagement Center held a workshop titled “Energy and Equity in the Twin Cities,” designed to foster dialogue, collaboration, and new partnerships to drive solutions promoting energy justice in the Twin Cities. Participants spanned across a broad range of expertise and experience, including neighborhood associations, community-based organizations, justice and advocacy-focused NGOs, housing groups, equity-focused renewable energy developers, utilities, government, and researchers.

This invited, multi-stakeholder, 4-part workshop held in fall 2021 focused on building a shared understanding of energy justice and actions needed for the long-term empowerment of all communities, with the final goal of developing project ideas addressing different aspects of energy justice that will be used to apply for a funding opportunity once the workshop concludes.

Meet the winners and learn how they’re taking vital steps toward change.

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