Events & Activities

Close up of last seasons corn crop in winter. Red barn in background.

This fall, two of our MWCLP speakers, Jennifer Schmitt and Nina Axelson, will be moderating virtual conversations on topics related to the knowledge gaps they presented at the first MWCLP gathering as part of IonE’s People & Planet conversation series.

Event: From Kernels to Culture: Delve Into the World of Corn (Monday, October 30, 2023)

Corn – a seemingly simple staple commodity – has a versatility range unfamiliar to some consumers. From fields to foods, fuels, fibers and more, this grain is deeply woven into the fabric of human history, sustenance, and innovation.

Join Joanne Slavin, UMN Food Science and Nutrition Professor, Pedro Urriola, UMN Animal Science Assistant Professor, and Rebecca Webster, UMD American Indian Studies Director of Graduate Studies and Associate Professor, for a conversation with Jennifer Schmitt, IonE Senior Research Scientist in Sustainable Food Systems and Fellow on corn’s journey through history and many arenas of our modern life.


Event: Cleantech Catalysts from Ambition to Action (November 2023)

Minnesota boosts more than just the Land of 10,000 Lakes – it’s home to leading Fortune 500 companies, renowned research universities and institutions, a forward-thinking public sector, and more. All of these things position Minnesota with the momentum to be a global leader in clean technology where groundbreaking ideas can thrive and evolve. Join us for a conversation moderated by  Nina Axelson, Founder of Grid Catalyst.