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2016: An eventful year for IonE

“The Institute on the Environment is leading the way toward a future in which people and the environment prosper together.”

That became IonE’s new mission statement in 2016. Now in its 10th year, IonE is expanding its ability to connect thinkers and change-makers across disciplines and with external public and private sector partners to collaborate on innovate, solutions-focused research. 

Since 2010, IonE has supported cross-disciplinary research among University faculty and beyond through its fellows program. In 2016, IonE expanded the program to engage even more sustainability thought leaders. Now called IonE Affiliates, more than 100 fellows, associates, educators and visiting scholars represent a spectrum of disciplines across the University system and beyond.

In addition, to integrate high-level perspectives on local, regional and global environmental issues, IonE created an external advisory board in 2016, made up of academic, nongovernmental and corporate leaders.

Looking ahead, IonE has begun to upgrade how we make investments in research. In 2017, IonE will “move toward significant investments in strategic areas,” says Lewis Gilbert, IonE COO and managing director. “An example is a $750,000 grant targeting energy development.” There are no specifics yet because proposals are being reviewed, but the project could “cover anything from infrastructure to policy to materials,” he said.

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