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IonE fellow recognized for groundbreaking research

Congratulations to Shashi Shekhar for publishing a paper on spatial computing that was among the 100 articles published in 2015 formally called out by Springer Publishing Company as “groundbreaking” with the potential to “change the world.” Shekhar is an IonE fellow and a McKnight Distinguished University Professor in the College of Science and Engineering.

Portrait: Shashi ShekharShekhar’s paper, “From GPS and virtual globes to spatial computing — 2020,” discusses the ubiquity of spatial technologies, including location-based applications found on most smartphones, and the promises and challenges ahead as we balance society’s increased expectations of the technology and the need for privacy.

“Dr. Shekhar’s research in spatial computing has been groundbreaking, and this paper presents an interesting overview of that and related work. Spatial computing is already transforming the way we grow crops, plan cities and prepare for disasters,” says IonE director Jessica Hellman. “Spatial computing is a necessary component of bringing systems thinking to real-world decision making, allowing us to see connections between people, the environment, and the flows of energy and materials in ways that were not previously possible.”

Springer is an international publishing house of academic scholarship and research.

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