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Video: Mississippi River Water Journey Camps

Do you know how drinking water gets from its source to you? The kids who attended this summer’s water camps sure do!

Two camps held at Institute on the Environment in July guided 6- to 12-year-olds from the water fountains and storm drains of the University of Minnesota St. Paul campus, upstream and downstream through a wetland, into a water treatment plant, and on a paddleboat to discover waste water’s journey back to the Mississippi River after treatment.

On the way they took photos and drew pictures and maps of their impressions. This video, produced by Wild Carrot Productions, is the story of the 2016 Mississippi River Water Journey Camps, supported by the Institute on the Environment and the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. Special thanks to U-Spatial for providing mapmaking assistance; camp host University Youth and Community Programs; guides from the Capitol Region Watershed District, the U.S. National Park Service and St. Paul Regional Water Services; and everyone else who helped make the camps a success.

Photo by Jonee Brigham

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