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Dr. Colleen Miller (she/her) is an ecologist interested in sensory ecology, global change biology and physiology in avian and insect systems. She works with Dr. Becky Chaplin-Kramer to build a living database that integrates global insect datasets with remote sensing products to better understand the ecology behind agricultural pest control. At IonE, Colleen uses data science tools to make datasets and findings accessible to field scientists, managers, and decision-makers.

More broadly, Colleen is interested in the effects of global change such as climate change and sensory pollution on natural systems. She is trained in ecology and physiology and enjoys integrating across biological levels of organization to better understand human impacts on the environment. Colleen received her Ph.D. in Ecology in 2023 from the Department of Ecology & Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University, where she investigated the impacts of light at night on animal behavior and ecology in diverse taxa. She has experience working on critical ecological questions in a variety of systems including agricultural insect consortia, migratory and resident bird species, and marine systems. Throughout her scientific career, Colleen has been committed to conducting research that uncovers the complex organismal and ecological responses to changes during the Anthropocene. Moving forward, she hopes to continue work that breaks down silos between scientists and community members.

Colleen is originally from the U.S. Midwest. She enjoys spending her time cooking, enjoying live music, reading fiction, and going on hikes with her husband and their dog, Atlas.