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Ella England (she/her) is pursuing a Bachelors of Arts degree in Political Science and a minor in Sustainability Studies. As an undergraduate student, her experience with sustainability and advocacy is highlighted in her time with multiple clubs at the university. For example, her last two years with the Environmental Student Association and in her new position as Outreach director for Students for Reproductive Freedom. Ella’s academic interests are embedded in her admiration for the planet and people willing to advocate for change. She is working towards a career that is focused on Sustainable Urban Development that fosters anti-racist initiatives, and gives everybody the opportunity to live in green spaces, eat clean food, and thrive alongside the planet. As she begins at IonE she is ready to team up with students, and colleagues of all walks of life to work towards a planet that is not only focused on a green sustainable future but that fosters multiculturalism and equity in all aspects of growing communities.