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Guido Wallraven has served as technical director for the City of Saerbeck since 2009. He is in charge of implementing about 150 individual initiatives that promote and implement local climate protection. Wallraven has worked on municipal climate protection issues for over 15 years. Together with local stakeholders, he develops plans for adapting to climate change. He serves as a consultant to municipalities and cities on local measures that support sustainability. He also manages the implementation of large and small projects that focus on renewable energies, energy use reduction, energy efficiency, climate-friendly transportation, and community education. Wallraven (pronounced “VAL-raav-n”) holds an engineering degree in architecture with a specialization on city planning. He owns the city planning consultancy Stadt-Land-Fluss-Büro für Städtebau und Umweltplanung. The office focuses on energy-efficient city planning, sustainable city development, the use of solar energy in cities, and sustainable master planning. He has taught at Siegen University and frequently speaks at public forums as an expert architect affiliated with the Chamber of Architects in North-Rhine Westphalia.