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Maggie McKenna, M.A., is honored to join the Institute on the Environment as the Program Manager of Affiliate Impact. In this role, Maggie leads strategic development and program implementation for IonE’s affiliated researchers and educators, totaling more than 250 people from all UMN campuses and colleges as well as external scholars and leaders. Through 3 affiliate tracks (Fellows, Associates, Educators), Maggie leads innovative, equity centered, interdisciplinary programming to build capacity, amplify impact, and deepen the networks of IonE’s Affiliates working to advance environmental justice both locally and globally.

With a Master’s Degree in Human Development, Maggie has built her expertise in designing and facilitating transformational experiences for change-makers across the country. For over 15 years, Maggie has worked to lead initiatives that advance racial and environmental justice in order to build trust across difference and collective action in the face of polarization. She has worked with organizations and governments to address issues of oppression, amplify underrepresented voices, and develop leadership for social change. Skilled in facilitation, project management, curriculum and program design, as well as conflict mediation, Maggie shows deep commitment to creating warm and welcoming environments for individuals and groups to learn, grow, envision, and shape the future

Over the course of her career, Maggie has helped to launch over 30 businesses, mentored over 50 educators, and led cohorts and trainings for over 500 leaders. Previously, she was the Education Director for the Permaculture Research Institute Cold Climate as well as the Program Manager for Intermedia Art’s Creative Leadership Programs where she both supported and led cross-cultural, interdisciplinary leadership cohorts and networks. Whether supporting regional farmers, artists, environmental activists, or government leaders, Maggie has shown commitment to supporting a future where both people and planet thrive. She graduated from Macalester College and currently lives in the Twin Cities where she is a both a singer-songwriter as well as a mother of two.