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Natalie Narváez

Natalie Narváez is the Research Project Manager for the Knowledge Initiatives team at the Institute on the Environment. Through her role, she supports a diverse portfolio of research activities and projects led by IonE staff and helps drive the teams she works with toward sustainability impact milestones. Natalie has a Bachelor of Individualized Studies from the University of Minnesota, with concentrations in Earth Science, Psychology, and Environmental Science, Policy, & Management. Natalie’s experience across a wide variety of disciplines helps her to support the IonE researchers and projects that she works with.

Before starting her current role, she was a member of IonE’s 2023 Clean Energy Leaders cohort and had participated in IonE’s Sustainability Corps for two consecutive years. She has previous experience compiling the 2021 community-wide GHG inventory for the City of Saint Paul and assisting in teaching introductory psychology, soil science, neuroscience, and sustainable housing at the University of Minnesota. Her interdisciplinary degree led to her participating in and conducting a wide variety of research on topics such as nutrient loading and the transport mechanics of urban stormwater solids, Spanish linguistics and the progression of lexical complexity in Spanish Immersion grade schools, longitudinal analysis of cortisol responses of adolescents in relation to mental health and treatment plans, and solar-pollinator research for the Argonne National Laboratory at utility-scale solar sites. In her free time, she enjoys learning, hiking, and scuba diving in Lake Superior.