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Dr. Kandel(she/her) is an environment scientist with transdisciplinary research expertise in climate science, environment science, and climate resiliency planning. Her research focuses on understanding the spatial distribution of outdoor heat across most marginalized communities in Boston and identifying ways to integrate heat exposure metrics to racially and socially marginalized residents’ value models to create socially sensible climate resiliency outcomes. Her most recent work involves creating a learning ecosystem that extends beyond traditional, institutional, disciplinary, and hierarchical boundaries in climate science and resiliency planning. She established and led the award-winning summer immersion program in partnership with Boston Public School (BPS) and Boston Planning and Development Agency (BPDA), engaged youth of color from four high schools in Roxbury, Boston (a historic Black neighborhood of Boston) in intensive field-based extreme heat research.

In IonE, she is a joint fellow in ‘Increasing the Usability of Federal Data Products’ and the ‘Workforce Development in Sustainability and Data Science’ projects. Her research involves engagement with decision support users, refining diagnostic tools, and conducting research on user-controlled decision support systems that aid communities ability to use the products for early warning and longer-term climate adaptation. For the workforce development project, she works on evaluative research into the effectiveness of programmatic mechanisms and student outcomes.

Dr. Kandel was born and raised in Nepal, a mountainous South Asian country. She is a first-generation graduate, and her long-term research plan is working in a cross-country research institution that works on climate-related disaster resiliency issues in her home region (South Asia). She lives in Beaverton, Oregon with her husband. Her weekend rituals include watching the English Premier League and cricket match, playing tennis, and clicking pictures of ‘Beavers’ roaming around the walking trails of her neighborhood.