IonE Strategic Plan | 2024-2029 | Mission, Vision, Values

Text overlays a photograph of the earth from a high altitude. The text reads, Building a future where people and planet prosper together.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission, vision, and values are at the heart of any organization, guiding not only “what” but also “how” work is pursued. In our 2024–29 strategic plan, we reaffirm the mission and vision that have guided the Institute, offering some refinements in framing and fresh context for how we see these statements coming alive within our 21st century landscape.


To build a future where people and planet prosper together.

In our mission, we are explicitly future-oriented, expressing our commitment to and role in driving systems-level change. By linking people and planet, we celebrate and acknowledge the connections between human wellbeing and what we think of as the “environment” including ecosystem services and the cultural and spiritual values that nature provides.


Our vision describes a world where the knowledge needed to build a sustainable future is abundant and accessible; where the people leading this work at every level are supported and connected to one another; and the stories that inspire action and make sustainability solutions come alive are widely shared, driving progress at scale, for the benefit of all.

Put another way, we envision sustainable and thriving communities – locally and globally – equipped to rapidly, collectively, and effectively overcome the environmental challenges of both today and tomorrow.


Since 2016, IonE has championed a set of values called “the IonE Way,” incorporated into onboarding, goal-setting, and other organizational activities. These values said we embrace: Taking risks; practicing leadership; collaborating and communicating; embracing teamwork and diversity; measuring what matters; and honoring varied paths.

Our strategic and DEIJ action planning processes have surfaced questions about new values – and new ways of expressing them, as well as a desire across our extended network to revisit and reframe our values together. That collective, community-based process, as described in our DEIJ action plan, will take place during this strategic plan’s term.