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Organics Recycling for All


Two students, one campus, one vision. Elizabeth Joncas and Sarah Eyer, now alumni of the University of Minnesota, were members of the 2018-2019 cohort of the Undergraduate Leaders Program. As students living off-campus near stadium village, they became painfully aware of the lack of organics recycling available to residents. Through conversations with their peers and mentors, they identified apartment buildings in the stadium village area that they could contact and partner with to implement organics recycling. They also tabled to get survey responses from students living in the area and from students who attended the sustainability expo, grouping them based on their apartment complex to more effectively target their efforts. With the results of the survey, Elizabeth and Sarah hoped to reach out to the property managers of the apartments in stadium village, present their findings and encourage them to apply for Hennepin County’s multifamily facility grant to implement compost sites.

The second prong of Elizabeth and Sarah’s project was to educate the residents of stadium village about organics recycling. They placed posters in high traffic areas and tabled within residences to inform students about organics recycling, handing out slips of paper with resources to learn more and handing out fliers that residents could keep in their apartments. To keep the movement going and to make resources available to other students that would be interested in implementing organics recycling in their own apartment complex, they created the guide linked here and shown below.

Here’s what Elizabeth had to say about her experience with the Undergraduate Leaders Program and carrying out such an extensive project in sustainability efforts.

 “The IonE Undergraduate Leadership group was an amazing experience and continues to help me in my life and career. I was really lucky to be able to work with a group of passionate and focused people who really wanted to make a positive change in their community and the University. Throughout this course, we worked a lot on personal development and making connections, as well as creating sustainable solutions in everyday life and on a larger scale. I’m really thankful that I had this group to help supplement my learning, because it gave me a lot of amazing resources and practice in managing a project that helps the community and environment.

Interested in applying for Sustainability Education’s Undergraduate Leaders Program? The application deadline has been extended to September 20th, 2019.

Go to z.umn.edu/leadersione2019 to learn more and apply.

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