Sustainability Education

UMN-Washington Ave. Bridge, Mississippi River, Downtown Minneapolis

IonE’s Sustainability Education program creates a vibrant and transformative community of students and faculty from across the University of Minnesota Twin Cities who work together to advance sustainability in society. The program’s work revolves around three key strategies:

  1. Develop student leadership by educating and empowering students across disciplines, backgrounds, levels of interest and knowledge of sustainability.
  2. Create and participate in opportunities for faculty, researchers and artists to teach, engage in and present about sustainability.
  3. Build bridges with various communities, develop shared program models, and provide leadership within the University community and with external organizations.

Among its specific activities, the Sustainability Education program:

  • coordinates the University of Minnesota Twin Cities undergraduate sustainability studies minor
  • organizes the Undergrad Leaders program, a cohort-based leadership accelerator
  • supports student-driven initiatives and co-curricular opportunities
  • produces a sustainability-focused event for incoming students during Welcome Week
  • collaborates with others across the University’s five-campus system and communities outside the University such as other universities, community colleges and K–12 educators on educational programs
  • serves as home base for students who organize an annual community Sustainability Fair

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