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Dr. Mary (Mo) Ollenburger studies agriculture and how it fits into landscapes and livelihoods. She is passionate about connecting researchers with farmers and other stakeholders to improve the relevance of research and ensure knowledge is shared with a broader community. Mo uses a variety of modeling approaches and from field to global scales to explore future scenarios.
Mo got her B.S. from Caltech, her MSc from Michigan State University, and her PhD from Wageningen University. Her PhD work was based in Mali, where she worked with smallholder farmers to explore options for improving their livelihoods. Previous postdoctoral work with the Joint Global Change Research Institute and the University of Maryland focused on mapping the impacts of closing yield gaps on sustainability indicators.

At IonE, Mo will be working with the FoodS3 model team on improving model code, visualizing and communicating results, and helping companies understand the impacts of their supply chains.