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Nathaniel Springer

Nathaniel is an economist working as a post-doctoral researcher on the Wicked Econ Workshops, a collaboration between the Institute on the Environment and The Nature Conservancy to bring leading economics, finance and policy experts together to tackle a specific decision-driven sustainability challenges.  His interdisciplinary research spans the fields of ecological economics, industrial ecology, and sustainability science, specializing in the creation and application future development scenarios using input-output economic modeling.  Nathaniel’s work has focused on the future of global agricultural technologies, the implications of increased food and biofuel demand, physical and economic resource scarcity, and the sustainable sourcing of agricultural raw materials.

Nathaniel holds a Ph.D. in Ecological Economics and an M.S. in Ecological Economic, Values and Policy from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and received his B.A. in Environmental Studies and Peace Studies from St. John’s University (MN).  Before joining the Institute on the Environment, he has also worked at the Agricultural Sustainability Institute at UC Davis and the Department of Bioproducts and Bioengineering here at the University of Minnesota.  Nathaniel is also an avid musician and outdoorsman, and enjoys playing the guitar and percussion as well as camping, backpacking, kayaking, and skiing/snowboarding.